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30 Days Wild Day 6 - Down On The Farm - WildlifeGadgetman.com

30 Days Wild Day 6 – Down On The Farm

Debbie and I have been proud members of the Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm for a couple of years now but, even though we live closer than any other member, we still struggle to spend as much time as we would like there. Luckily we had time to make up a few hours earlier today.

Oak-Tree-Farm-Logo-200What is the Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm?

The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm is a Community Supported Agriculture Scheme (CSA) where members of the community work together to produce a wonderful array of ultra fresh vegetables, eggs, rare breed meat and cut flowers without the use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides. But it’s much more than that. It’s a place where Joanne Mudhar, Eric Nelson and John Revell (directors of the social enterprise) work tirelessly to build and co-ordinate the community. It’s a place where Joanne and the team experiment with new methods for getting the best out of the natural resources available. It’s a place where you feel part of a family that shares your values and love for nature and great tasting fresh produce.

….And it’s a place that’s rapidly turning into a haven for wildlife too.

Time to get physical

With brilliant blue skies and white clouds overhead we wandered done the lane to the farm…

Checking out the work list for the day. Plenty to do!

Debbie’s task for the morning – stringing up the tomatoes and the beans in the poly tunnel. Debbie loves the heat so this was an ideal job for her! It looks fairly empty in here at the moment but in a few months it’s going to be rammed full of the best tomatoes you will ever taste!

And my first task of the day? Moving the pigs. This was the first time this new group of pigs has been moved to a new area of the farm so it didn’t go quite as smooth as it might have done. None escaped but two or three done all they could to avoid crossing the fence line to the new area! Luckily the only audience we had were the swallows darting around overhead.

Coffee break is always welcome on the farm as it’s a chance to catch up with some of the other members. The coffee always tastes great and there are biscuits too!

I spent the next few hours planting out rows of sprouts. Not my favourite veg but Deb loves them. The sun was blazing down with little or no wind so it was hot work. Luckily I remembered my cap even though I forgot the suntan lotion. I always like to have a quick wander around the farm to see what signs of wildlife are around. With reports of three different species of owl spotted recently I was keen to look for signs without getting too close to any of the nest boxes.

All in all, a great day on the farm, getting my hands dirty and getting closer to nature.

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