'Transform your garden into a wildlife HOTSPOT... one WILD PATCH at a time.'

The idea behind Project WildPatch is simple…


I’ve created a range of unique wildlife friendly projects and activities that, when completed, will each fit into a one square metre ‘Wild Patch’. Therefore, even if you have the smallest of gardens, a tiny balcony or even just a window box you should find at least one project you can create and enjoy.

Many of the projects are designed to be easily ‘scaled up’ so if you have more space you can create bigger ‘Wild Patches’.



There are four cornerstones to attracting wildlife into your garden. These are providing FOOD, providing WATER, providing SHELTER and providing BREEDING PLACES.

You’ll find projects for all ages and skills. Whether you are interested in helping birds, mammals or invertebrates, wildlife gardening in general, upcycling and recycling then these guides are for you.

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