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Trail Camera Wildlife Recording – Code Of Practice

The use and popularity of motion activated trail cameras to record wildlife has exploded in the past 5 years. As prices reduce and quality of recorded images increases the audience for these powerful wildlife monitoring tools is likely to continue to grow at an incredible rate.

The potential benefits of using trail cameras to observe and record wildlife’s natural behaviour is immense but so are the potential hazards.

Whether you are a wildlife professional or a casual observer, using trail cameras in the right manner with due consideration to the wildlife subject, the habitat and to others is of paramount importance.

As part of my preparations for my new Trail Cam Workshops I wanted to put together some recommended guidelines for the trail cam user to consider when using their trail camera.

Taking inspiration from various sources online I’ve put together a 10 Point ‘Code Of Practice’ as a starting point.

It is my intention to contact as many trail camera manufacturers, retailers, photography groups and conservation organisations as possible to ask for their support in adopting these guidelines and sharing them with their customers and members. Each company and organisation supporting the Trail Camera Code Of Practice will have their logo proudly displayed on the Code Of Conduct page with links back to their website.

I would love your support too! Please take a few moments to read the Code Of Practice and download a copy if you wish. Share with as many fellow trail cam users as you can and help me ensure we use our trail cameras responsibly. Thanks!


I’ll be adding guides over the coming weeks to help you follow many of the points in the Code Of Practice. Follow me or subscribe to my blog for all the latest updates.

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