The First Sunrise Of 2014…..Well Almost!

After a surprisingly alcohol free New Year’s Eve I awoke early this morning with the intention of capturing a timelapse of the first sunrise of 2014 but all didn’t go quite to plan!

For those of you who followed my early morning walks and sunrise photos in 2013 you’ll know that one of my favourite places to walk is along the River Deben from Woodbridge. Even after checking what the weather is likely to be like on my phone each night you never quite know what you are going to wake up to.

[pullquote style=”right” quote=”dark”]with thick cloud, high winds and heavy rain I promptly crawled back into bed and treated myself to the last lay in of 2013! [/pullquote] I awoke early yesterday morning hoping to capture the last sunrise of 2013 but with thick cloud, high winds and heavy rain I promptly crawled back into bed and treated myself to the last lay in of 2013!

Checking out of the bedroom window around 7am this morning everything looked a lot more promising! So I loaded up the car and made the short ten minute journey to Woodbridge.

Here are the results of the next couple of hours….


10 minutes before sunrise – I find the perfect position. This looks promising!


5 minutes before sunrise – Nooooo! The clouds are rolling in…FAST!!


8:04am – The moment of sunrise. You’ll have to take my word for it as there was no sign of the sun behind the thick layer of cloud!

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]Belkin Camera Grip Carton[/custom_frame_left] The weather had definitely turned as the wind was really starting to blow (surprise, surprise!). I was determined not to leave without photographing something  especially as I had made such an early start on New Years day of all days! This gave me the perfect opportunity to use a gadget and an app I’d been carrying around for quite a while. The gadget is a Belkin iPhone Camera Grip. This handy little attachment clips into your iPhone 4 and provides a button for taking photos, a button for recording videos and a very handy tripod mount. You can also download a free app that is designed specifically for use with the grip.

The RRP for this little gizmo is over £30 and at that price I would never have considered getting one but I managed to pick this one up for just £1 from the local B&M discount store! Now that’s what I call a bargain!

iMotion HD For my impromptu timelapse session I only intended to use the grip for the tripod mount. I had also loaded the iMotion HD app for just such an occasion.

I’m using the FREE version and it seems to work really well. Very simple to use and the results are quite reasonable. There are a number of settings, the most handy being the ability to adjust the frame rate after the timelapse has been recorded.

I attached the camera to the tripod and then spent the next 40 minutes or so capturing various timelapse sequences.




I noticed that the tide was coming in quite quickly so ventured closer to the shoreline. It was a little muddier than expected! I almost lost one of my wellies at one point finding myself leaning forward at a gravity defying angle  like a scene out of a Michael Jackson video!


Here’s a short video containing the timelapse sequences….


And what better way to end the first early morning wild walk of 2014 then the first cooked breakfast of 2014…..Yum!!!


Considering I didn’t manage to achieve my original objective for the morning I thoroughly enjoyed my first early morning walk of 2014. Will TIMELAPSE become a new obsession for 2014? After today and with memories of last years BBC Great British Year still fresh in my mind, it probably will! The abundance of bird life was an added bonus too. Lots of gulls, plenty of Curlew, several Lapwings and a few Reed Bunting in the mix too I think.

All in all, a great start to 2014!


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