New How To Guide – Make A Festive Fat Stick Tree For Garden Birds

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Time for feeder project #3 in my 'festive feeder challenge' This is a festive variation of my 'Fat Sticks' project for garden birds. If you haven't seen my original Fat Sticks 'How To' Video check it out here... Fat Sticks!  A Very Simple Way To Feed Smaller Garden Birds. My Festive Fat Stick Tree [...]

Make a Halloween Inspired Bird Feeder!

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As we move into autumn the nights become longer and the days become colder. Signs of the new season are all around. Trees exploding into riots of colour - reds, yellows and golden browns and fruit laden branches are gradually being stripped of their bounty. October is also the month that we celebrate an [...]

30 Days Wild Day 11-14 – All The Little Things

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Well, it was inevitable. After ten days of immersing myself in wildlife almost 24/7, work and family commitments finally caught up. That hasn't stopped me doing wild things on a daily basis but it does make it a little difficult to find the time to write about it. Luckily I'm getting back on top of the latest mad rush so I thought I'd give you an update on Days 11 to 14 of my '30 Days Wild' challenge.

Create A Nesting Material Dispenser Using A Fizzy Drinks Bottle

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Putting up nest boxes in and around your garden is an excellent way to help garden birds but providing a safe breeding site is only half the battle. During the nest building phase many birds such as Blue Tits and Great tits etc. are at their most vulnerable as they spend an extra amount of [...]

Make a Valentine’s Hanging Bird Feeder!

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If you love the birds in your garden as much as I do why not have a go at making them a Valentine's treat! This hanging bird feeder uses a heart shaped baking tin and a a heart shaped snack tray.. Time Needed: 15 mins Why Do It?: Providing food for garden birds is [...]

Make A Bird Fat Feeder Using A Gu Puds Ramekin.

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If, like me, you enjoy indulging in a yummy Gu dessert you'll no doubt be left with a few glass ramekins. Rather than just putting them in the recycling bin why not have a go at upcycling them to a fab bird fat feeder?! Time Needed: 15 mins Why Do It?: Providing food [...]

The Month Ahead – #LoveBirds And Lots Of New Projects

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Can you believe it's February already?! Where did January disappear to? It appears time still flies even when you are wet, cold and fed up of the weather! For 2014 I thought I would start each month with a recap of the previous and set some goals for the month ahead. So here we go... [...]

Make a Bird Window Feeder Using A Microwavable Egg Poacher

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Looking around the local discount store I noticed a microwaveable egg poacher for £1. I instantly thought that it could make a great window bird feeder. It's incredible easy to make and works a treat! Time Needed: 15 mins Why Do It?: Providing food for garden birds is a great way to help wildlife [...]

Make a Hanging Bird Feeder Using A Recycled Pot Noodle Pot.

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Love them or hate them, many of us at one time or another will have tried a Pot Noodle. Rather than simply popping the empty pot in the recycling bin why not have a go at 'upcycling' it into a great hanging bird feeder. Time Needed: 15 mins Why Do It?: Providing food for [...]