Make a Halloween Inspired Bird Feeder!

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As we move into autumn the nights become longer and the days become colder. Signs of the new season are all around. Trees exploding into riots of colour - reds, yellows and golden browns and fruit laden branches are gradually being stripped of their bounty. October is also the month that we celebrate an [...]

Create A Nesting Material Dispenser Using A Fizzy Drinks Bottle

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Putting up nest boxes in and around your garden is an excellent way to help garden birds but providing a safe breeding site is only half the battle. During the nest building phase many birds such as Blue Tits and Great tits etc. are at their most vulnerable as they spend an extra amount of [...]

Woodpigeon Nest Predated

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We've had fun watching the Woodpigeon nest on the live cam over the past 3-4 weeks but everything came to rather an abrupt end in the early hours of Sunday morning. [custom_frame_left shadow="on"][/custom_frame_left] We have a tree in the garden that has one particular spot in it that is almost constantly used for nesting either [...]

Make A Garden Bird Drinker Out Of Recycled Materials

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Providing water for birds during this hot weather is vitally important. Find out how I make a simple garden bird 'drinker' using recycled materials. Using the same principle as I used for my 'Hedgehog Water Station' I wanted to try and find a way of creating a hanging water source for garden birds. But this [...]