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Sunrise #1 Of My #100sunrises Of 2015 Challenge - WildlifeGadgetman.com

Sunrise #1 Of My #100sunrises Of 2015 Challenge

This morning saw the first clear skies of the new year so I grabbed my camera gear, pulled on my wooly hat and set off for a rendezvous with a sunrise. The first sunrise of my #100sunrises of 2015 challenge.

I decided to head for one of my favourite spots along the River Deben just up river from Woodbridge. I’ve marked the position and direction of most of the photographs I took today on the map below.

I usually park in the car park at Deben swimming pool and then walk along the river to Kyson Point. I’ve been visiting this particular stretch of the river for the last two or three years and now have a good idea of exactly where the sun rises on the horizon depending on the time of year. It’s surprising just how far the position of the rising sun varies along the horizon throughout the year.

At this time of year the sun rises nicely behind over one of the widest stretches of the river. This can give some fantastic reflections and colours especially if sunrise coincides with a high tide.

For my #100sunrises of 2015 challenge I plan to do one or more of the following each time I venture out to record a sunrise…

  • Take lots of photographs!
  • Create a timelapse.
  • Make a short version video showing my favourite photos of the day.
  • Make a longer video record of my walk, with a brief intro, showing my favourite photos of the day and a timelapse.

As this was the first sunrise of my challenge I thought I would do all of the above.

Here’s the extended video of Sunrise #1 of my #100sunrises of 2015 challenge…

And here is the short version of the video just showing my favourite photos of the day…

And here are a selection of my favourite photos of the day…

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