Last year I created a number of Hedgehog Homes around the garden and added a series of ‘How To Guides‘ to the website. Last night I managed to record definitive proof that a hedgehog has moved into at least one of the homes!

For those of you who follow my Live Cams you’ll already know that at least one hedgehog has been very active in the garden over the last several nights. The newly upgraded #HogBuffetBar and #HogWeighStation have been in position for a while and are regularly attracting lots of visits each night. I’ll be adding some video clips over the next couple of days but had to share this one with you straightaway!

Using one of my PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras I’ve been tracking the movements of the hedgehogs around large parts of the garden and noticed that the hog followed the same route most nights.

After studying the footage recorded by my I-Catcher motion activated software and a couple of late nights following the hedgehog remotely with the PTZ camera I had a suspicion that the hog may be using Hog Home No.2. So, last night I set up one of my Bushnell trail cameras (a 2011 HD model that I have taken apart and ‘tweaked’!) overlooking the entrance to Hog Home No.2 and kept my fingers crossed.



* To position the trail cam I used a great little mounting method I’ve developed which enables you to get great shots close to ground level. I’ll be sharing how to do this and lots of other mounting methods as part of my ‘Pimp My TrailCam’ series coming soon.

And guess what…I was right! I was thrilled to capture a great clip of the hedgehog emerging from the box! There were a few clips but this was the best one.

I love the way the hog sniffs the air as it emerges from the box and has a sniff of the camera too. I’ve popped the camera out again this evening to see if I can capture the hog going into the box too.


Here’s the video clip. Enjoy!

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