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Preparations For New Wildlife Cameras In The Gadgetman Garden - WildlifeGadgetman.com

Preparations For New Wildlife Cameras In The Gadgetman Garden

After spending most morning clearing all my other chores (thanks for the list Deb!) I spent the afternoon cracking on with a number of preparations for a few new projects. Although I didn’t actually ‘finish’ anything this afternoon it was surprisingly productive! So what did I get up to?!….

Unsurprisingly I started off on a bit of a tangent. For some unknown reason I thought I would set up a webcam in the Gadget Lab and stream my afternoons work on the Live Cams on my website. Sometimes it’s interesting to see a little of what goes on behind the scenes! It didn’t take long to set up and in no time I was broadcasting live to the world! Would anyone be watching though?

It wasn’t long before the tweets started coming in. It’s great to know that at least a few people are interested in what I’m doing, even on a Saturday afternoon!


On The Live Cam! Tweeted by @MonkeyLeader


Tweeted by @Monkeyleader while sitting and watching in terminal 5 of Heathrow airport!

Refurbishing the Extreme Close Up Bird Feeder

About three years ago I created this little bird feeder housing a mini camera with an extra wide angle (almost 170deg) lens. This enabled me to get great close up footage of birds feeding. I’ll have to dig out some of the clips and upload them to Youtube for you to see, when I get a spare few minutes!

It has been in the garden constantly for that period and is now in need of a little TLC. First job was to strip it down and give it a good clean. It was still in surprisingly good condition actually. A couple of pieces had come unstuck but nothing my hot glue gun couldn’t repair!


One of the things I was really interested to see was whether the camera still worked as it hadn’t been powered up in over a year! After giving it a good clean I attached my mini LCD test screen and a 12v battery supply and voila, it immediately sprang into life. These little cams are surprisingly tough. I’ve got one or two that have been in the garden for nearly ten years now and they are still going strong!

After a few more repairs it was time to give it a couple of coats of wildlife friendly wood stain. I left it to dry and moved on to the next job.

Making A New Moth Trap

Believe it or not one of my favourite Christmas presents this year was a box containing some cable, a light bulb and a few other electrical component. These are the main electrical components for a flash new moth trap I plan to build!


I didn’t do too much with this today but I wanted to familiarise myself with all the components and make a note of any additional items I may need. I’ll be blogging extensively about the moth trap build later in the year.

Preparations for new nest box camera installations

By this time (around 3pm) I knew the light would start fading soon so I decided to just check the cameras and prepare everything for tomorrow assuming that the weather is ok.


This is my Discovery Box design (available in my online store HERE ). I’ve designed these kits to be incredibly easy to set so it doesn’t take long to get everything just right. If all goes to plan I’ll get this in position tomorrow along with a couple of other boxes.

A New ‘Bug Hotel’ design…

I had just enough time to fix the first post in position for an exciting new project I’m working on with the guys from Project Maya and Seedball. I’m developing a couple of new concepts for ‘Bug Hotel’ designs and will be sharing lots more about this over the coming weeks. There will be two different designs so I’ll erect the second post tomorrow.


A cracking sunset to end the day!


By this time light was fading fast but I still had time to take a quick snap of the setting sun. What a lovely end to a productive day!


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