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Halloween Spooky Fatball Feeder 2016-10-27T20:38:44+00:00

Project Description

Halloween Spooky Fatball Feeder

Suitable For: Age (8+) Time Needed: 15 Minutes

Suitable For: Age (8+)

Time Needed: 15 minutes

Why Do it? Providing food for garden birds is a great way to help wildlife in your garden.

What you Need: Spooky Salad Server (£1 from Asda), a scrap piece of wood, (x2) screws and a cable tie

Tools Required: Handsaw, Screwdriver.

How To Guide

Towards the end of October you always see lots of #Halloween inspired paraphernalia in the seasonal aisle of your local supermarket.

I spotted these spooky salad servers for £1 in Asda and thought I would use them to create a very simple spooky fat ball feeder.

APOLOGIES! – Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos during the assembly process but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out from the photo above and the description below!

1. Gather your materials

This project makes good use out of a cheap set of Halloween salad servers I picked up from Asda. I’m sure if you hunt around the other major supermarkets you’ll find something similar. I had the other items required laying around the workshop.

2. Prepare the mounting plate

Cut a piece of timber 150mm x 50mm and drill (x4) holes along the centre line (the two outer holes are for mounting the feeder and the two inner holes are for attaching the spooky salad servers).

Give the piece of wood a coat of wood preservative of paint.

3. Drill two holes in the handles

Carefully drill a small hole in the end of each handle. This can be a bit fiddly depending on the design of the salad servers so it’s best to take your time and secure the handle in a table vice or something similar before drilling.

4. Attach the handles to the mounting plate

Attach the handles to the mounting plate using two screws. The size of the screws will depend on the thickness of the timber you are using and the size of the end of the salad server.

5. Fix a cable tie

Fix a cable tie around the pair of hands mid way along their handles. This will add a little extra tension between the hands and will help securely hold the fat ball.

6. Place the feeder outside

Attach the Spooky Fat Ball Holder to a fence or your shed and place a fat ball securely in the hands.

7. Watch the spooky action!

Step back and wait for your first visitors to arrive!

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