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Make a Window Bird Feeder 2016-10-27T20:57:27+00:00

Project Description

Make A Window Bird Feeder Using An Egg Poacher

Suitable For: Age (10+)   Time Needed: 15 Minutes

What You Need: (x1) Microwaveable egg poacher, (x1) 120mm M4 bolt or threaded rod, (x4) M4 nuts, (x3) suction hooks

Tools Required: Drill

Looking around the local discount store I noticed a microwaveable egg poacher for £1. I instantly thought that it could make a great window bird feeder. It’s incredible easy to make and works a treat!

Step 1

Collect all your materials

This is a very simple project and its possible you have all the items you need in your garden and kitchen cupboard! I used a plastic party bowl for the seed tray and a slightly larger plastic party tray for the roof. Unfortunately I didn’t have any party trays in the cupboard so I picked up a pack of 10 square plastic bowls and a pack of 3 rectangular plastic trays for £1 a pack from Poundland. Enough to build three bird feeders and still have plenty of bowls left over for ice cream to celebrate finishing the project! I also used a length (150mm) of 50mm x 50mm timber I had saved from a previous project.

Step 2

Drill four holes

Drill (x1) 5mm hole in the centre between the two bowls as in the photo above. This is for the threaded rod. Drill (x2) 2mm holes on the back edge of the base. Each hole should be in line with the centre line of one of the bowls (see following image if this is a bit hard to follow!). Drill (x1) 2mm hole in the centre of the back edge of the lid of the egg poacher (Again, see next photo if that doesn’t make sense!) The three 2mm holes are for attaching the suction hooks.

Step 3

Fit it all together and attach it to your window!

Attach the bolt to the base of the egg poacher using two of the nuts. Use the remaining two nuts to attach the lid. After experimenting I let a gap of 75mm between the base and the lid. This is the optimum height to allow smaller birds to feed. Pigeons and collared doves etc. don’t even attempt to feed from the feeder. Hook on the three suction hooks and attach the feeder to your window.

All that’s left to do is fill the small bowls with bird food and wait for the birds to find it!

As always, I would love to see your creations too! Feel free to share your stories and photos with me via Twitter or my Facebook page. Have fun!

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