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Make A 'PacMan' Bird Feeder - WildlifeGadgetman.com
Make A ‘PacMan’ Bird Feeder 2016-10-27T21:13:41+00:00

Project Description

Make A ‘PacMan’ Bird Feeder

Suitable For: Any Age (5+) Time Needed: 15 Minutes

What You Need: (x2) Fizzy drinks bottles and a wooden BBQ Skewer

Tools Required: Scissors

In this ‘How To’ guide I’ll show you how to make a simple bird feeder out of a couple of fizzy drinks bottles and a wooden BBQ skewer.

Kids will love this simple project as the feeder looks a little like PacMan!

Step 1

Cut the base off of two fizzy drinks bottles

Cut the base off of two empty 2lt fizzy drinks bottles as in the photo above (I’ve obviously cut the base off of four bottles as I intend making two feeders). On most fizzy drinks bottles (definitely Pepsi) there is a ridge line near the base of the bottle. Cut around this line. Save the remaining parts of the fizzy drinks bottles as you will be able to use them in some of my other ‘How To’ guides.

Step 2

Assemble the feeder

Cut the wooden BBQ skewer in half. Make a few holes in the fizzy drinks bottle bases. Join the two bases using one half of the BBQ skewer and use the other half to create a perch.

Step 3

Fix the feeder in a suitable position

Fix the feeder in a suitable position in the garden. The top base acts as a roof to protect the food below from the worst of the rain.

Step 4

Wait for the birds to discover your new feeder!

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