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Make A Festive Bird Feeder From A Recycled Bottle 2016-10-27T16:55:30+00:00

Project Description

Make A Festive Bird Feeder From A Recycled Milkshake Bottle

Suitable For: Age (8+) Time Needed: 30 Mins

Suitable For: Age (8+)

Time Needed: 30 mins

Why Do it?: Offering various types of bird seed is a great way to help your local wildlife.

What you Need: (x1) Empty Frijj milkshake bottle (or similar), (x1) lid from a small plastic tub, string, cable tie

Tools Required: Drill, Craft Blade, Scissors, Permanent MArker Pens

How To Guide

As Christmas is fast approaching and the threat of colder weather is on the horizon, why not have a go at making a festive bird feeder out of a recycled Frijj milkshake bottle?! They are very easy to make. A perfect activity to do with the kids over the Christmas period!


Collect all your materials

Collect all your components together. The Frijj bottle is ideal as the white plastic offers a perfect base to colour in your festive designs.

Cut out the seed ports and colour in your festive design

Use the permanent marker pens to create your festive design. Cut four seed ports evenly around the base of the bottle. For this feeder I decided to cut triangular shaped seed ports (you can see them in later images).

Create a hanging loop

Drill two holes in the lid of the feeder. Feed through a length of string and the tie the two ends together in a knot.

Attach the drip/seed tray

Drill two holes in the base of the Frijj bottle and two holes in the lid of the small plastic tub. Attach them together using the cable as in the photo above. I used the lid from a small plastic tub I saved (which had sun dried tomatoes in it from the local supermarket deli).

Fill your new feeder

Fill your new bird feeder with your preferred bird seed. Another perfect opportunity to use my fizzy drinks bottle funnel!

Hang your new feeder!

Now all you have to do is hang your festive bird feeder in the garden and wait for the birds to arrive! I found the little santa hats in a local Poundland (4 for £1). They are bottle toppers for wine bottles but fit snugly on the Frijj bottles too. Probably won’t last long in the winter weather but they look fun!

Here are a few ideas for some other festive designs.

I hope you enjoy making my latest bird feeder creation! Feel free to send me photos of your festive feeders too via Twitter of Facebook. I’d love to see them! Have fun!

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