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Make A Low Cost Wildlife Camera Clamp 2016-10-27T20:06:59+00:00

Project Description

Make A Low Cost Wildlife Camera Clamp

Suitable For: Age (12+) Time Needed: 10mins (+24hrs for Sugru to cure)

Suitable For: Age (12+)

Time Needed: 10 mins (+24hrs for Sugru to cure)

Why Do it?: A quick release camera clamp is a must in any wildlife watchers kit bag allowing you to reposition your camera in seconds.

What you Need: A low cost clamp, a spare CCTV camera bracket and one sachet of Sugru self setting rubber.

Tools Required: Possibly a drill depending on the type of clamp you have, Screwdriver.

How To Guide

Wildlife cameras come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you have a CCTV type camera, a GoPro or a trail camera they all have a major thing in common that can drastically affect your ability to capture that perfect shot – They all have to be mounted/fixed into position in some way. Having a mounting system that allows you to quickly reposition a camera can be the difference between capturing that once in a lifetime shot or not.

This quick release camera clamp is versatile, easy to use and won’t break the bank!


Collect Your Materials

I picked up a pair of clamps for £1 in the local discount store. I already had a spare CCTV camera bracket and no household should be without one pack of Sugru self-setting rubber in the fridge! (apparently it keeps longer in the fridge).

Fix The CCTV Camera Bracket To The Clamp

Remove the base of the CCTV bracket. They are usually held in place by a screw bolt (some are spot welded together so check before you start to make sure your bracket base can be removed). The clamps I found already had a hole in the end of the handle in the perfect position. If yours doesn’t you’ll need to drill a hole. Secure the shaft and swivel bracket to the clamp using the screw you removed from the base. You could use the clamp bracket like this but I found that on occasion the shaft could loosen and there was a little bit of flex. This is an ideal job for Sugru!

Smooth The Sugru Around The Camera And Clamp

Gently sculpt the Sugru around the shaft of the CCTV bracket and blend it into the handle. Sugru is perfect for this and will create a very secure bond.

Leave Overnight For The Sugru To Cure

Resist the temptation to try mounting a camera on the clamp at this stage. Leave it overnight (preferably 24hrs) for the Sugru to properly cure.

Ready To Go!

After 24 hours the Sugru will have cured and hardened. You’re now ready to go! Now wasn’t that simple! I use this clamp all the time. Its such a time saver!

A CCTV style wildlife camera

The awesome GoPro ready for action

A trail camera positioned and ready to go!

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