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New How To Guide – Make A Snowman Bird Feeder

Christmas still seems a long way off but before you know it you’ll be snoozing on the sofa after stuffing yourself full of turkey and Christmas pudding!

But before then let’s crack on with my ‘festive feeder challenge’. It’s time for festive feeder #2.

I try to use as much recycled material as possible in my projects and this one is no exception. I got the idea after finishing a bottle of Cravendale milk and washing it out at the sink. As I was placing it on the drainer I peeled off the label (no idea why!) and was struck by how much it looked like a snowman.

No, I hadn’t been smoking anything strange or drinking heavily, it’s just sometimes (quite often) these ideas just pop in my head. There was still something missing though…a hat!

It took me a while to find something suitable but the next time we popped to Tesco the answer was staring at me from the chilled dessert aisle. What a great excuse to buy a couple of microwaveable chocolate puddings! The black plastic tubs were the ideal shape!

So, here is the ‘How To’ guide for my Snowman Bird Feeder. Click on the image below or the link HERE to view the guide.

Have fun and don’t forget to share pics with me via social media.

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