New How To Guide – Make a Festive Bird Feeder Using A Recycled Milkshake Bottle

Time for project No.6 in my #10FestiveFeeders challenge. This one gives you plenty of opportunity to get creative with your marker pens!

This is another very simple project, ideal to do with the children! I found that Frijj Milkshake bottles offer the perfect shape and the label is easily removed leaving a clean white surface for you to decorate.

Use permanent marker pens to decorate the bottle in your own festive design. This could be anything, get as creative as you can! It could be a Christmas related character such as Santa or a snowman, or it could be a creature such as a Robin, penguin or maybe even a reindeer!

Follow the ‘How To Guide’ for my Festive Bird Feeder by clicking HERE or on one of the images below.

As always, I’d love to see your own creations. Share pics with my online via Twitter or Facebook.

Have fun!


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