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Make a Valentine's Hanging Bird Feeder! - WildlifeGadgetman.com

Make a Valentine’s Hanging Bird Feeder!

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If you love the birds in your garden as much as I do why not have a go at making them a Valentine’s treat!

This hanging bird feeder uses a heart shaped baking tin and a a heart shaped snack tray..

Time Needed: 15 mins

Why Do It?: Providing food for garden birds is a great way to help wildlife in your garden.

What You Need: (x1) Heart shaped baking tin, (x1) Heart shaped platic snack tray, (x3) drinking straws, (x3) 1.4m lengths of string.

Tools Required: Drill, Scissors

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1. Collect Your Materials

I picked up a heart shaped baking tin for £2.00 and a heart shaped snack tray and pot for £2.00 from a local supermarket. The only other itens you need are three plastic drinking straws and some string.

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2. Drill Holes In The Base.

Drill three holes around the edge of the baking tin as in the photo above. Drill a few other holes randomly over the base of the tin to help with drainage.

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3. Drill Holes In Roof Tray.

Drill three holes in the tray you are going to use for the roof. Position the holes in the same position around the heart shape as you drilled around the edge of the base.

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4. Trim The Drinking Straws.

Trim the three drinking straws just under the bendy part. Throw the short pieces away.

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5. Cut And Thread The String.

Cut three 1.4m lengths of string. Thread the pieces of string through the holes in the base, then through the straws and finally through the holes in the roof tray.

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6. Tie The Ends of Each Piece Of String Together.

Tie the first knot quite close to the roof tray. This will help stabilise the feeder. Tie the second knot as in the photo above. This forms your hanging loop.

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7. Hang Your New Feeder!

All that’s left to do now is to fill your new feeder with some bird seed, hang it in the garden and wait for the birds to arrive!

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8. Add An Extra Special Treat!

For an extra special treat why not take the small heart shaped pot, fill it with a suet/unsalted peanut butter/seed mix and fix it to the feeder base with a screw or hot glue gun.


As always I would love to hear how you get on making your own version of this project. Feel free to share comments and questions via the comments below, my Facebook page or on Twitter. Have fun!


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