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Make a Hanging Combi Drinker/Feeder For Your Garden Birds - WildlifeGadgetman.com

Make a Hanging Combi Drinker/Feeder For Your Garden Birds

Carrying on the theme of finding inexpensive ways to help wildlife during this continuing hot spell I decided to have a go at creating a way to offer both seed and water in a single hanging design.

All you need is….

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  • (x3) Plastic party bowls (I purchased mine from Tesco. £2 for 3 bowls)
  • (x6) Drinking straws
  • A single length of string
  • And a pair of scissors

Combi-Drinker-Feederx3 Plastic Party Bowls

I will create a ‘How To’ guide for the ‘Combi Feeder/Drinker’ showing you exactly how I made it. It’s a little bit fiddly threading the single length of string through the bowls and straws but doesn’t take too long at all to do really.

And here is the finished design…

Combi-Drinker-Feeder-2Ready For Action!

The top bowl acts as a rain shield for the seed below. I’ve made the gap between the rain shield and seed bowl quite small (approx. 75mm) in the hope that it will prevent pigeons trying to feed. You can’t exactly describe the ‘Combi Feeder/Drinker’ as squirrel proof either! So, if you have hungry squirrels in the garden be prepared to replace the string regularly!

I’ve filled the bottom bowl with fresh water. You can never offer too much water in weather like we’ve been experiencing for the past couple of weeks!

Now all I have to do is sit and wait to see who the first visitors will be!


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  1. BookstartHants September 1, 2016 at 8:43 am - Reply

    You could do this as a ‘recycling’ activity with young children – maybe using trifle or salad bowls. It’s a great idea. Thank you.

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