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Make A Hanging Bird Feeder Using A Gu Ramekin - WildlifeGadgetman.com

Make A Hanging Bird Feeder Using A Gu Ramekin

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If, like me, you enjoy indulging in a yummy Gu dessert you’ll no doubt be left with a few glass ramekins.

Rather than just putting them in the recycling bin why not have a go at upcycling them to a fab hanging bird feeder?!


Time Needed: 15 mins

Why Do It?: Providing food for garden birds is a great way to help wildlife in your garden.

What You Need: Empty Gu Dessert Ramekin, plastic snack plate, string, drinking straws

Tools Required: Scissors and Hand Drill


1. Collect your materials

First thing to do is collect all your materials. All you need is an empty Gu dessert glass ramekin (washed or licked clean!), string, four drinking straws and a plastic party snack tray (I picked up 6 for £1 and the local discount store).


2. Cut the straws to length

I found cutting the straws just under the bendy part of the straw (approx. 200mm) gave the perfect distance between the roof and the ramekin seed pot.


3. Attach four pieces of string

Cut four pieces of string 600mm long. Tie one end of the first piece of string tightly around the lip of the glass ramekin. Then tie one end of each of the remaining pieces of string to the first first piece of string evenly spaced around the circumference of the reamekin.


4. Drill four hole in the roof/snack tray

Drill a 4mm hole in each corner of the plastic snack tray ready to thread the hanging strings through.


5. Thread the straws

Thread each of the cut straws over each of the the four hanging strings then thread each hanging string through a corner of the snack tray. The drinking straws will act as a spacer stopping the snack tray roof sliding down over the ramekin. Tie the ends of the four hanging strings together in a double knot.


6. Hang your lovely new feeder!

Now all you have to do is fill the ramekin with your birds favourite food and hang your new feeder in the garden. It won’t be long before your birds are enjoying their own special treat!

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