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Make A Bird Fat Feeder Using Empty Seedball Tins - WildlifeGadgetman.com

Make A Bird Fat Feeder Using Empty Seedball Tins

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Sowing wildflower seeds in your garden is a brilliant way to attract wildlife! Seedballs are an easy and convenient way to add a wildflower patch to your garden (Find out more here).

Here is a great way to make good use of your empty seedball tin once you have thrown your seedballs around the garden.

Time Needed: 15 mins

Why Do It?: Providing food for garden birds is a great way to help wildlife in your garden.

What You Need: (x2) Empty Seedball Tins, (x1) 200mm length of 3×3 timber, (x1) disposable plastic snack tray, (x2) Bamboo BBQ Skewers

Tools Required: Drill, Screwdriver


1. Gather Your Materials

This project utilises recycled materials that you probably have laying around the house. If you don’t then no doubt family or friends will! All you need is two empty Seedball tins, a 200mm length of 3×3 post, a suitable disposable plastic party plate (you could even use appropriately sized ready meal containers), two bamboo BBQ skewers and a hook.


2. Drill Holes In The Tins

Drill a hole in the centre of the lid and base of each tin.


3. Fix Tins To Wood Base.

Fix each half of the Seedball tins to each side of the length of post. Be as creative as you like with positioning.


4. Drill Holes For Perches.

Measure the diameter of your bamboo BBQ skewers. Drill a slightly larger hole right through the post just below each pair of tin halves (See image above). Drill one hole slightly lower than the other so you will be able to push the BBQ skewers right through in the next stage.


5. Fit The BBQ Skewer Perches.

Cut the BBQ skewers to a length of 220mm. Push them through the holes to create the perches below each tin half.


6. Fit The Roof.

Use a scrap of wood and a couple of screws to fix the roof to the feeder base. Fix the hanging hook in the centre.


7. The Finished Feeder Ready For Filling!

Construction of the feeder is now complete. Time to move on to mixing up your fatty treat to fill it!


8. Mix your Fat Treat Mixture!

Feel free to experiment with this but I use five parts vegetable fat to one part unsalted peanut butter. I then throw in some kibbled peanuts, dried mealworms and a hand full of general bird seed.


9. Fill The Feeder!

Now take your mixture and fill each of the tin halves. I usually mix up my fat mixture in an ice cream tub. If there is any left over just pop the lid on and store in a cool dark place.


10. Hang Your New Feeder In The Garden!

Now all that’s left to do is hang your new feeder in the garden and wait for the birds to arrive!

As always I would love to hear your stories and see your creations too! Feel free to add comments below or share via my Facebook page or Twitter! Have fun!


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