Yesterday (Sunday 4th May) saw the start of Hedgehog Awareness Week organised by the Peoples Trust For Endangered Species and the British Hedgehog Society. There are lots of other organisations helping to raise awareness too including Suffolk Wildlife Trust and their ‘I Spy A Hedgehog’ campaign.

I’ve got lots of hedgehog related activities planned over the coming week that I’ll be sharing with you and I kicked them all off with a very enjoyable Saturday dressed up as a giant hedgehog in Ipswich town centre.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust are currently running a campaign called ‘I Spy A Hedgehog‘. It’s objective – to encourage as many Suffolk residents as possible to record their sightings of (or lack of) hedgehogs on the official campaign website

SWT-Live-Cam-Page-Hog-600 Check out the website and you’ll find links to my #HogBuffetBar live cam where I stream live images of a variety of wildlife visiting my garden.

I’ve created a dedicated Live Cam page for the project and you can find it by clicking on the image to the right or on the link HERE.

The I Spy A Hedgehog website has an excellent interactive map making it a doddle to add your sightings. It only takes a few seconds to add your sighting details and it appears immediately on the map.


Becoming Humphrey The Hedgehog

I met the Suffolk Wildlife team in the centre of Ipswich at 8.30am on Saturday and found that everything was already set up. The canopy, leaflet display, a hedgehog inspired ID game for the kids (and adults!) as well as a map of Ipswich and the surrounding area. Our mission – to chat to shoppers about hedgehogs, find out if they have seen any, offer advice about helping them in their gardens, encourage them to add their sightings to the map on display AND (most importantly) encourage them to add their sighting to the website online. And if we could sign up a few new members then that would be an added bonus.

Kerry, Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s Communications Manager was already dressed up in the giant hedgehog costume. It looked great! I was looking forward to my turn in the suit!

There was an Ipswich Town football home game on Saturday so it wasn’t long before the crowds started to build. As you can imagine the giant hedgehog wandering around was quite a talking point and generated lots of interest. After an hour or so chatting to passers by it was my turn to dress up as Humphrey the hedgehog!

I enjoyed dressing up as a giant hedgehog….maybe a little too much!

The suit was snug, quite heavy and you have extremely poor visibility with the head on. It got hot inside there too….very quickly. I enjoyed dressing up as a giant hedgehog….maybe a little too much! It was such fun and I loved the reactions from passers by particularly the children!

I had a fantastic few hours dressed up as Humphrey and talking to passers by about hedgehogs. The guys from Suffolk Wildlife Trust are a great team to work with and it was the perfect start to Hedgehog Awareness Week!

Check out the pics below to see what we got up to….









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