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#HedgehogMonth Review Part 1 - Willows Hedgehog Rescue And The BBC - WildlifeGadgetman.com

#HedgehogMonth Review Part 1 – Willows Hedgehog Rescue And The BBC

For those of you following my blog posts, Tweets and Facebook page during September you wouldn’t have been able to miss that is been ‘Hedgehog Month’ in the Wildlife Gadgetman patch!

Here’s PART 1 of a summary of highlights from over the past four weeks.

Willows Hedgehog Rescue

Willows-Thank-youThe highlight of the month had to be my visit to see Charlie and Jayne at Willows Hedgehog Rescue. What an eye opener that was! I had no idea the level of commitment and dedication required to run a hedgehog rescue centre! Charlie and Jayne do a wonderful job, along with their group of ‘Hog Nannies’, looking after hundreds of poorly or orphaned hedgehogs each year. Much of their work is funded out of their own pockets supplemented by donations from supporters from around the country. It’s a tough job and funds are very limited. Please take a look at their website and show your support by either making a donation or purchasing an item from their Amazon wish list. Every little bit helps and I know Charlie, Jayne and the hedgehogs will be extremely grateful! Please click here to visit the Willows Hedgehog Rescue website and show your support.

Undoubtedly the highlight of my visit was the opportunity to feed one of the small hoglets

Undoubtedly the highlight of my visit was the opportunity to feed one of the small hoglets currently being cared for! I was a little nervous to start with but soon became more relaxed when I noticed that I seemed considerably more stressed than the small hoglet in front of me!

Jason-Feeding-Hoglet-01-600My first attempt at feeding a hoglet – something I will never forget!

Willows--002-600Charlie weighing one of the hedgehogs

Willows--004-300Daily Checks

Willows--003-300Putting On Weight


The BBC ‘Summer Of Wildlife’ event at Sutton Park

I was delighted to take part in the last of the BBC’s ‘Summer Of Wildlife’ events at sutton park. It was a wonderful, well organised event and one I thoroughly enjoyed! Every BBC  employee was cheerful and helpful, every other partner/exhibitor taking part was chatty and cheerful and every visitor to the event I met was a pleasure to speak to! Result!

There were lots of exciting things going on around the site all day. Here are a few photo highlights.

Willows-SOW-001-600The Willows Hedgehog Rescue Team – Before the crowds arrived!

Willows-SOW-002-300The Springwatch Live set

Willows-SOW-002b-300Cameraman for a day!

Willows-SOW-004-600Those Springwatch cameramen are getting younger every year!!!

Willows-SOW-003-600Great to see kids having a go at filming a Springwatch episode.


 Charlie, Jayne and hoglets on the Springwatch sofa.

Willows-SOW-006-300 The Partners Tent.

This is where Willows Hedgehog Rescue and all the other organisations taking part were situated. A hive of activity all day!

Willows-SOW-007-300 Through The Lens Area.

A selection of tents demonstrating different filming techniques including slow motion, remote cameras, night vision and sound recording.

Willows-SOW-008-600Hogelt Feeding Time



Willows-SOW-011-300 Lots of bug ID info.

Willows-SOW-012-300Fun casting wildlife footprints!

Willows-SOW-013-600Beekeeping demo.


Willows-SOW-014-600Everyone joined in with the Summer Of Wildlife quiz!


Willows-SOW-016-600 The completed wildlife mural.



Willows-SOW-019-600 A great way to end the day!

It was fantastic watching the wildlife mural gradually evolve over the course of the day. And what better way to end the first part of my #HedgehogMonth summary then with this fab painting of a hedgehog!

A big thank you to Charlie and Jayne from Willows Hedgehog Rescue for their kind hospitality. I’m sure we’ll be working lots more together in the future! And finally a big thank you to everyone at the BBC who contributed to the ‘Summer Of Wildlife’. Whether it was on TV in front of or behind the lens, or organising the numerous events around the country. It’s been a fab summer!

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