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Goodbye 2015 And Hello 2016! - Part 2 - WildlifeGadgetman.com

Goodbye 2015 And Hello 2016! – Part 2

So, that’s it. 2015 has gone. Relegated to memory, and for many, a year that they are glad to see the back of, but I’m not one of them. It was a tough year sure but let’s not dwell on things. It’s 2016. A new year. A blank page… and I’m starting it without a hangover!

Our New Year celebrations were good. Very good! We had such a brilliant time. All togged up in fancy dress, homemade pizza cooked on the outdoor stove, lots of party games, lots of dancing and lots of booze. Well, lots of booze for most people!

I was determined to get up for the new year sunrise if I could but not at the expense of enjoying the party. I had a couple of beers before midnight with plenty of water in between and stopped after our new year toast. Having gone to bed around 2am I was up again just before 7am to get to my destination – The Strand. This is the opposite side of the river Orwell and one of my favourite spots for watching the sunrise, particularly this time of year.

There was quite a lot of cloud cover but I was keeping my fingers crossed there would be enough breaks to allow me to get a few decent pics.

As I pulled up to my usual parking spot I wasn’t disappointed!

The clouds were starting to disperse and the most incredibly vivid pink light started to spread across the skies. This kind of light usually only lasts a few short minutes and usually occurs 15 to 20 minutes before sunrise.

I rattled off lots of shots but unfortunately I had forgotten my tripod so many were a little blurred as it was still fairly dark. However, there were several ‘keepers’ that almost captured the true colour and atmosphere. Almost.

I try hard to capture images of sunrises and sunsets and many of them I’m very pleased with but there is no substitute for being there, in the moment, soaking up the ambiance of your surroundings and witnessing the beauty with your own eyes.

Within 20 minutes the scene had totally transformed. The clouds cleared, a light chilly mist rolled in and the diffused sunlight draped a delicate golden glow of the shore and fields. There was also a very vivid ‘sundog’ which was a nice bonus! For those of you wondering, a ‘sundog’ is caused by ice crystals in high altitude clouds. The crystals act like a prism, bending the light passing through them displaying the colours of the rainbow. You can just see it to the left of the sun in the photo above. It’s not lens flare I can assure you. Photos just don’t do it justice. There’s no substitute for seeing it with your own eyes!

This part of the coast is right under a high altitude flight path for passenger jets and this one in particular caught my eye. The sunlight and the angle of the flight path made it look like (to me anyway) a rocket taking off into orbit!

I wandered back towards Ipswich under the Orwell Bridge. I’m always amazed at the scale of the bridge as I walk under it.

So, that’s the first sunrise of 2016, and if that’s a sample of what this year has to offer than it’s going to be a good one!

We can never be 100% sure where our journey is going to take us and I wonder what I’ll be writing this time next year? Hopefully I’ll be looking back at 2016 and thinking…that was one of my best yet.

Good luck on your journey through 2016. Hopefully, we’ll get to share lots of our adventures along the way!

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