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Create A Nesting Material Dispenser Using A Fizzy Drinks Bottle - WildlifeGadgetman.com

Create A Nesting Material Dispenser Using A Fizzy Drinks Bottle

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Putting up nest boxes in and around your garden is an excellent way to help garden birds but providing a safe breeding site is only half the battle.

During the nest building phase many birds such as Blue Tits and Great tits etc. are at their most vulnerable as they spend an extra amount of time on the ground looking for moss and other nesting material. Providing a hanging nest material dispenser is an easy way to offer birds the opportunity to gather nesting materials at a slightly safer height.

Time Needed: 10 mins

Why Do It?: Providing nesting materials for garden birds is a great way to help them at a particularly vulnerable time.

What You Need: (x1) Fizzy drinks bottle, (x9) Bamboo BBQ skewers, 400mm Length of string

Tools Required: Scissors, marker pen and a 2 pence piece


This is a very simple project….

1. Mark out the holes.

Mark out a number of circles randomly over the surface of the fizzy drinks bottle using a marker pen.

2. Cut out the holes.

With a pair of sharp scissors CAREFULLY cut out each of the circles using the marker pen lines as a guide.

3. Make a number of small holes for perches.

Use the pointed end of the scissors to CAREFULLY make a number of holes under some of the larger holes.

4. Cut off the base of the fizzy bottle.

This will make it much easier to fill the bottle with your chosen nesting material.

5. Add the hanging loop.

Using the 400mm piece of string tie a loop around the top of the bottle.

6. Fill the bottle.

Fill the bottle with your chosen nesting material. This could be moss, hay, pet fur, chopped up wool and any other soft fluffy material.

7. Fit the bamboo BBQ skewer perches.

Push the bamboo BBQ skewers right through the bottle using the smaller holes you created. Use at least three skewers around the bottom as in the photo above to stop the nesting material falling out!

8. Hang your new nesting material dispenser!

As always I would love to see your photos and hear your ideas and stories. Feel free to comment below, on Facebook or on Twitter.



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