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Build A Self Filling Hedgehog Water Station - WildlifeGadgetman.com

Build A Self Filling Hedgehog Water Station

If you are anything like me I expect your garden is filled with dishes of fresh water dotted around to help the hedgehogs and other wildlife that visits your garden. During this extremely hot spell its not long before the water disappears either through drinking, bathing or evaporation.

I wanted to find a way of offering water that would last a lot longer but without just popping out a larger dish or bowl. I also wanted to keep the ‘topping up’ water out of the main dish/bowl to keep it as fresh as possible in the hope that it could help reduce the possibility of bacteria contaminating the water.

So, this morning I disappeared into my ‘Gadget Lab’ and came up with a great design for a self filling water dish with a 1.5lt water capacity. All that is needed is a 1.5lt fizzy drink bottle, a couple of elastic bands, some scrap wood and a water bowl/dish. You can see the finished Hedgehog Water Station below.

Hedgehog-Water-Station-1-600Self Filling Water Dish With 1.5lt Capacity

The important thing to do is get the height of the bottle exactly right in relation to the water dish. If you get that right it works perfectly! As the water level drops in the dish it lets air into the bottle releasing just enough water to fill the dish back up to exactly the right level!

Hedgehog-Water-Station-2-600Water Level Automatically Topped Up

See it in action…

I’m going to pop it out tonight close to where I feed the hedgehogs in the hope that I can get some footage of them using it. You will be able to check it out too on my live cams.

I’ve called it a Hedgehog Water Station but it obviously is great for any other wildlife too of course, mice, foxes, birds (the local cats unfortunately!).

I’ve got an idea for a ‘Bird Drinker ‘ version too so I’m off to the gadget lab again to start building.


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