I received an early Christmas present in the post last week from the guys at Peckish Bird Food. Unexpected, but gratefully received, this Christmas prezzie definitely put a smile on my face!

complete-5in1-pourerThe guys at Peckish Bird Food have proven themselves again as innovative market leaders in the bird food industry with their latest Christmas marketing campaign. Their campaign focuses on the fact that up to 55 million birds are estimated to be killed every year by cats. Their goal is to help educate people about the measures they can take to protect the birds in their garden.

The centrepiece of their campaign is a short animation, created by Aardman Animations (creators of Wallace & Gromit). It’s a festive themed story of hope, humour and survival against all odds! Set to the soundtrack of Jingle Bells, it tells the story of a #PeckishCat and the hungry birds in his snow covered garden. Here’s the video…

Peckish also plan to add a downloadable activity pack containing advice on how to protect the birds in your garden, a bird spotting game and a colouring in page for children in the very near future. Visit the website and keep an eye out for some seasonal updates!

In case you were wondering, this is the Christmas prezzie that arrived in the post…

Peckish-Xmas-Box-2-600A Peckish Christmas Gift!

Peckish-Xmas-Treat-3-600It wasn’t long before Milly cat decided to investigate!

Peckish-Xmas-4A Peckish Xmas stocking by the fire!


Thanks for the Christmas gifts guys. A great idea and a great marketing campaign!

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