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30 Days Wild Day 7 Part 2 - Bug Hunting With Ollie And Milly - WildlifeGadgetman.com

30 Days Wild Day 7 Part 2 – Bug Hunting With Ollie And Milly

Day 7 of 30 Days Wild was a scorcher! Having spent the morning taking part in the bioblitz at Holywells Park with Suffolk Wildlife Trust I spent the afternoon with two of my favourite little people – My nephew Ollie and his sister Milly. Our mission? To go on an adventure around the garden to discover bugs!

Ollie loves the outdoors and has helped me several times with wildlife activities around the Wildlife Gadget Man garden including bug hunting. Today we were going to explore his garden and we were going to be joined by his little sister Milly.

We started off by searching through lots of books about bugs and creepy crawlies, looking at all the different shapes, sizes and colours.

We then explored the four corners of the garden looking under leaves, turning over stones (making sure to put them back where we found them) and for some reason we ended spending quite a bit of time searching for bug on and around the climbing frame and slide?!

It was then time to get back to our books, paper and pens to draw what we had found…. a slug, ants, a couple of spiders and a bee. We also decided to draw some of our favourite bugs from the books we had been studying. I had packed a reel of googly eye stickers to use in our drawings. I think we ended up sticking more on each other than on our drawings though!

It was a fantastic afternoon and I loved every second of it but judging by the giggles, questions and look of wonder on their little faces, I think Ollie and Milly enjoyed it even more!

I feel hugely passionate, as I know many of you do, about encouraging younger generations to connect with the natural world early in their life and as often as possible.

Our generation will be the last to have grown up in a world before computers, smartphones or the internet.

A world where we spent more time jumping in puddles and climbing trees then tapping on a screen.

A world where we gained invaluable knowledge and overwhelming joy by experiencing wildlife and the outdoors first hand.

We have an obligation to ensure our first hand knowledge of growing up outdoors and the wonder it brings is passed on to our children.

Don’t get me wrong, unlike many, I don’t see technology as the big ‘baddie’ and the reason why many of us feel so disconnected from the natural world, far from it.

If we want to win the hearts and minds of younger generations today and in the future our approach to wildlife/nature education and engagement has got to evolve.

I’ll be sharing lots more of my thoughts about this in future blog posts.

In the meantime, I’ll be savoring the small victory of today’s smiles and enthusiasm from my niece and nephew with a pint.

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