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30 Days Wild Day 7 Part 1 - Bug Hunt Bonanza, Bioblitz In The Park - WildlifeGadgetman.com

30 Days Wild Day 7 Part 1 – Bug Hunt Bonanza, Bioblitz In The Park

Today’s wild antics were all about bugs. Whether it’s in the wide open spaces of a local park or the confines of your garden, there’s always something exciting to find. The closer you look the more you see!

After a heavy night of partying at an 18th birthday fancy dress party (well, heavy for me!) I started the day feeling a bit worse for wear but a strong black coffee and some fresh air in the garden helped to clear my head ready for my first destination of the day – a bioblitz at Holywells park.

Holywells Park Bioblitz

Holywells Park is situated in the heart of Ipswich and is one of my favourite parks in the town. I’ve visited the park throughout my 44 years and I never get tired of exploring it. There’s always something new to discover. It’s recently had a major multi-million pound facelift supported by HLF funding and is the location of one of my latest wildlife camera installations (more on this in a separate blog post).

By the time I arrived the bioblitz was in full swing. It was still early but there was already over thirty five species listed on the board. I expect there will be ten times that by the end of the day!

There were various pop up stations dotted around the park manned by the always friendly Suffolk Wildlife team. I visited each one as I made my way around the park to say hi and to see if anything exciting had been spotted.

I decided to venture off the beaten track to see what I could find. There are plenty of wild spaces around the park as it’s wonderfully managed for wildlife by the park team so there is plenty of scope for discovery.

My first stop was under three bat boxes. I was first drawn to the sound of chicks calling from above. It’s a familiar sound I’ve heard hundreds of times and I find myself instantly drawn to it. I found myself scanning the surrounding trees looking for a bird box but soon realised the sounds were coming from one of the bat boxes!

I spent the next three hours wandering through the long grass, nettles and wild flowers, watching, listening to and smelling everything that nature had to offer.

Highlights as I wandered around included Brimstone, Green Veined, Orange Tipped and Painted Lady butterflies, a selection of parasitic wasps, cardinal beetles, green nettle weevils, soldier beetles, four species of spider, three species of bees, scorpion flies and 14 spot ladybirds to name but a few.

A great start to the day.

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