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30 Days Wild Day 5 - High Tech Mammal Footprint Tunnel Back In Action - WildlifeGadgetman.com

30 Days Wild Day 5 – High Tech Mammal Footprint Tunnel Back In Action

A few months ago I created a Mammal Footprint Tunnel, but this was a Mammal Footprint Tunnel with a difference. My MFT had an integrated camera inside so we can see exactly what creatures leave their mark.

You may have seen the lightweight, portable flat pack Mammal Footprint Tunnels initially developed at Nottingham University and championed by the Mammal Society. These are great and ideal for using in the field but as I only intend using mine in the garden I decided to make my version a little more substantial. I also wanted to add a Wildlife Gadget Man twist so I integrated a nightvision camera and connected it to my I-Catcher motion activated monitoring system.

It proved to be a great success with visitors arriving on the first night it was deployed!

Mammal Footprint Tunnel How To Guide

Fast Forward To Last Night…

For Day 5 of 30 Days Wild I thought I would tidy up my mammal tunnel and set it up again for the rest of the year. I gave it a good brush down inside and out, added new ink pads and white paper, stocked it up with food and reconnected it to my I-Catcher motion detection system.

This is what happened…

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