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30 Days Wild Day 10 - Sunsets And Gadgets - WildlifeGadgetman.com

30 Days Wild Day 10 – Sunsets And Gadgets

For Day 10 of 30 Days Wild I wanted to show you how you can be surrounded by your gadgets and still enjoy an evening walk and watch the sunset.

I was stuck in the office most of the day so needed my nature fix by the evening. What better way to end the day than a sunset walk. I regularly go for a walk to watch the sunset and usually just grab my binoculars in case I spot any exciting wildlife in the distance. Today though, I thought I would do something a bit different. For this evenings walk I was going to grab a handful of technology and use it to create a virtual record of my journey.

So, the plan…

I was going to use the GoPro camera on the end of an extendable pole to record a timelapse of my journey to one of my favourite spots to watch the setting sun. I would then mount the Go Pro on a mini tripod overlooking me setting up my video camera which would be recording a timelapse of me reading a book and watching the sun setting behind the trees.

Sounds complicated? Well, you can get in a muddle if you don’t plan ahead but I’ve done this kind of thing enough times that it’s now second nature and doesn’t detract from me connecting with my surroundings in the slightest.

And the book I’ll be taking along with me?….

Off we go!…

So, with kit bag on my back, tripod in one hand and Go Pro on a pole in the other I set off.

A couple of miles later I was in open fields and nearing my destination.

Time to settle down for the show…

Having found the perfect spot I set about setting up camp. First thing to do was to fit the Go Pro in position, then set up the video camera.

With everything now in place it was time to relax, grab my book and watch the world go by.

No matter how many times I do this I never get bored. Ever. Every time is different. Different clouds, different bird song, different wildlife. But one thing remains the same, the feeling of contentment, calmness and the irresistible urge to smile.

Check out the video below for the rest of the story…

And here are a few more pics…

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