Make a Hanging Combi Drinker/Feeder For Your Garden Birds

By | July 19th, 2013|How To Guides, Nature|

Carrying on the theme of finding inexpensive ways to help wildlife during this continuing hot spell I decided to have a go at creating a way to offer both seed and water in a single hanging design. All you need is.... [custom_list style="list-1"] (x3) Plastic party bowls (I purchased mine from Tesco. £2 for 3 [...]

Hedgehog Water Station – The First Night

By | July 19th, 2013|Nature|

After making a 'self filling' hedgehog water station out of recycled materials I wanted to see if it would actually attract any visitors. I placed it in the 'wild patch' behind my garden hide and positioned my Bushnell NatureView trail cam overlooking it in the hope of capturing any action. This footage is from the [...]

Make A Garden Bird Drinker Out Of Recycled Materials

By | July 18th, 2013|How To Guides, Nature|

Providing water for birds during this hot weather is vitally important. Find out how I make a simple garden bird 'drinker' using recycled materials. Using the same principle as I used for my 'Hedgehog Water Station' I wanted to try and find a way of creating a hanging water source for garden birds. But this [...]

Build A Self Filling Hedgehog Water Station

By | July 18th, 2013|How To Guides, Nature|

If you are anything like me I expect your garden is filled with dishes of fresh water dotted around to help the hedgehogs and other wildlife that visits your garden. During this extremely hot spell its not long before the water disappears either through drinking, bathing or evaporation. I wanted to find a way of [...]