Trail Camera Wildlife Recording – Code Of Practice

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The use and popularity of motion activated trail cameras to record wildlife has exploded in the past 5 years. As prices reduce and quality of recorded images increases the audience for these powerful wildlife monitoring tools is likely to continue to grow at an incredible rate.

A Magical Dawn Chorus Walk – You’d Have To Be Cuckoo Not To Try It!

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Yesterday was International Dawn Chorus Day. Organised by Birmingham & Black Country Wildlife Trusts International Dawn Chorus Day is a celebration of one of nature's daily miracles. If you've never experienced the dawn chorus then you don't know what you are missing! It's one of my favourite times of the day. You have to get [...]

I Dress Up As A Hedgehog To Support Suffolk Wildlife Trust!

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Yesterday (Sunday 4th May) saw the start of Hedgehog Awareness Week organised by the Peoples Trust For Endangered Species and the British Hedgehog Society. There are lots of other organisations helping to raise awareness too including Suffolk Wildlife Trust and their 'I Spy A Hedgehog' campaign. I've got lots of hedgehog related activities planned over [...]

International Dawn Chorus Day – 4th May 2014

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Tomorrow is International Dawn Chorus Day so if you fancy a VERY early start to your Sunday then why not join thousands of others across the world and enjoy one of nature's daily miracles! You've probably heard about the dawn chorus but have you ever actually got up early enough to experience it yourself? If [...]

Create A Nesting Material Dispenser Using A Fizzy Drinks Bottle

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Putting up nest boxes in and around your garden is an excellent way to help garden birds but providing a safe breeding site is only half the battle. During the nest building phase many birds such as Blue Tits and Great tits etc. are at their most vulnerable as they spend an extra amount of [...]

Becoming An Official Barn Owl Monitor For Suffolk Wildlife Trust

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Suffolk Wildlife Trust runs one of, if not the most comprehensive Barn Owl box installation and monitoring projects in the UK. With well over 1400 Barn Owl boxes to monitor across the county there is a real need for reliable volunteers to monitor these boxes and maintain accurate records to ensure the continuing success of [...]

Proof That A Hedgehog Is Living In Hog Home No #2!

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Last year I created a number of Hedgehog Homes around the garden and added a series of 'How To Guides' to the website. Last night I managed to record definitive proof that a hedgehog has moved into at least one of the homes! For those of you who follow my Live Cams you'll already know [...]

Mystery New Home In The Gadgetman Garden?

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On one of my many wanders around the garden I stumbled upon (not literally!) a tiny new hole that had been excavated overnight. What could have made it? This sounds like a job for the Bushnell trail cam!   Here is the hole. It's about the diameter of a 50p. Obviously made by a [...]